New Member of the Family

Added on by Karl French.

Well, after three or four years of deep obsession with the 8x10 camera I've added a 10x12 inch Deardorff to the family.  8x10 was starting to seem a bit small.  11x14 just seemed too big.  10x12 is just right.  The 'Goldilocks' format in my mind.  Not much bigger and heavier than the 8x10 Deardorff.  I'm really enjoying the bigger images, both on the ground glass and as contact prints.

Apparently Deardorff made a single lot of 35 10x12 inch cameras in 1936 for a group of furniture photographers who wanted larger prints to make product books for their customers.  Based on my research I'm guessing only 10-15 cameras have survived.

I'm still getting to know the camera, figure out it's quirks and work out all the logistics of getting out into the field for image making.  It's definitely cranky compared to my much newer 8x10 Deardorff.

Here she is with the Fujinon C 600mm f11.5 mounted for a pre-flight check.