I’m a San Francisco based photographer, shooting mostly landscapes and nudes in the tradition of the West Coast School.  I was born in San Luis Obispo from a long line of Californians.  Before I devoted myself completely to photography I spent many years studying philosophy at various universities.

I photograph because I'm interested in both the beauty of the Western landscape and the remnants of man's presence within that landscape. This relationship is a fundamental tension of the West.  As a native Californian I feel a deep connection to the Western landscape.  It’s part of my identity as a person and a photographer.

By using similar tools and photographing in many of the same locations, I feel connected to a tradition of 19th and 20th Century landscape photographers. For my current work I favor 8x10 & 10x12 inch field cameras, using black and white film exclusively. These cameras successfully balance my desire for the beautiful tonality and extreme detail that is possible in a large format negative with a camera size that is still manageable to work with.  I’ve come to appreciate the slow pace and contemplative process of composing images on the ground glass while using the view camera in the field.  It allows me to look carefully at the landscape I am present in.